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February 13, 2019 Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Overhead Lighting for a More Personal and Unique Decoration

Generally, we illuminate the bathroom in strategic and useful places before thinking of a certain aesthetic. First, we think of the bathroom overhead lighting around the mirror of the bathroom. The latter illuminates around the mirror, including the toilet. It is most important because the bathroom is the place where you get ready in the morning. Then comes the overall lighting that illuminates the bathroom in its entirety. In this case, we choose a suspension to install on the ceiling in the center of the room. Another alternative: the spots. These also have the function of flooding the bathroom with light in its entirety.

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The spots can also announce a special atmosphere in some spaces dedicated to the idea of diffusing a bathroom overhead lighting, more warm and relaxing, in some places. In this case, they are installed above the shower or bath and above the vanity. Then come the wall lamps that have a decorative function and that take place on both sides of the mirror. Once you have determined the lighting locations in the bathroom, take a closer look at the design of the fixtures. The spots are no longer mere spots, they dress in a practical and contemporary almost futuristic design.

Spot can be hidden in a false ceiling, but can also be mobile when it takes place above the mirror. The neon remains motionless, but it sports a very chic style and no longer adopts this retro spirit. It becomes trendy and even dresses in different colors. Applique side, these are ideal for a retro bathroom decoration with vintage accents, especially if you choose gold with a graphic design. Finally, the bulbs are always news to pace the space and we have fun choosing original sleeves for a more personal and unique decoration. The suspension is also a must for bathroom overhead lighting to fully illuminate the room and suggest a fresh modernity.

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