Best Lighting For Kitchen Ceiling You Need To Try

Apr 13th

Kitchen has become a living space in which lighting plays an indispensable role in creating a space that is both convivial and easy to live with. The best lighting for kitchen ceiling must be functional but also decorative. It’s a room where we eat, we share, we work, and we read … That’s why it is essential to enjoy visual comfort with appropriate lighting. To create an ideally lit kitchen, it is important to consider its configuration. If you have an open kitchen, a set of several suspensions carefully aligned above your worktop, or Central Island, will be most beautiful effect. If your kitchen is a closed room, a central suspension will be perfect.

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In both cases, most judicious will be mainly to illuminate key spaces of room where are concentrated strategic activities (sink, cooking and storage) with light spots installed on ceiling, under cupboards, or LED sticks fixed on furniture … Do not forget to best lighting for kitchen ceiling specifically key areas of your kitchen: hob, washing area or worktop must be perfectly illuminated, it is essential for visual comfort and safety. Opt for functional, strong and precise localized lighting directed on sink, hob, worktop, storage units or even hood. Their presence helps illuminate three main activities in kitchen: prepare, wash, cook.

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At level of worktop, favor a homogeneous light under high furniture to avoid denaturing color of food. Several solutions are possible: light strips, ultra-thin LED spots or LED strips for a bright light. Localized lighting also comes under furniture, in form of LEDs. We open a door or a drawer and they turn on automatically! They benefit from ultra-practical use in large wardrobes or deep drawers. Above high furniture, you can have spots on stems that illuminate their facades and highlight furniture. Playing on several levels of best lighting for kitchen ceiling with extra flat spots will enhance content of furniture. If you have windows, let yourself be tempted by a punctual light to create atmosphere.

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