Choose the Right Florescent Ceiling Lighting

Mar 21st

During the day, light pours through the windows of our house . But in the evening, the brightness is too low for children to do their homework comfortably on the central table. On the budget side, the family would like to stay reasonable to continue investing in other parts of the house. Here are four tracks, with the advice of interior designers solicited by 6:39 pm. Design, trick or DIY, there is for all wallets. The best option for the fluorescent ceiling lighting to diffuse throughout the room: a suspension fixed to the ceiling. In this case, impossible not to see the threads, so much to make it an asset in the decoration.

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To beautify your ceiling, there is a wide variety of luminaires. It is placed in the center of the ceiling to illuminate your room harmoniously. However, it is important that the structure is strong enough to support its weight. These luminaires are distinguished by their ideal recessed installation for false ceilings or crawling ceilings. They are particularly appreciated for their ease of installation since they do not require specific fixings. In order to benefit from optimal comfort when using your luminaire, adapt the type of fluorescent ceiling lighting to be installed in the room according to your activities (reading, relaxation …).

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Choose the right bulb to combine both economy and quality. Do not hesitate to install a dimmer to create different moods according to your desires of the moment. For suspensions -lusters and sconces-the ceiling structure must be taken into account; it must be strong enough to support the weight of these lights. The placement of the spots differ according to their type, recessed or on rails. For the former, support washers are welcome with a stretch ceiling. Finally, do not neglect the safety of the electrical installation of your fluorescent ceiling lighting. In a room prone to humidity, do not forget the ground wire.

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