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February 12, 2019 Bathroom Lighting

Comfortable and Relaxed Lighting Fixture Bathroom Options

Every day, bathroom welcomes us as a space for renewal and comfort. Many of us like to spend time in it, take care of ourselves and prepare without haste, and to achieve it, first and most important thing is that we feel truly comfortable in it, comfortable and relaxed. And in this sense, lighting fixture bathroom is important. It should not be excessive, nor too hard or radical. In addition, good lighting will make space look wider and decorative elements look their best. It is true that in many of houses of today bathrooms are not excessively spacious, and that many of them do not have windows to street.

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But if you are lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, take advantage of natural light. It is key to transform this room into a cozy and bright place. If you do not have windows in your bathroom, you should not see it as a problem either. Better design a comfortable lighting fixture bathroom, with pleasant lights in a natural tone, neither too white nor too yellowish. It is best to choose a tone and intensity that resemble natural light. Idea is to have a general lighting that seems as natural as possible, so it is advisable to put lights with a soft tone, reproduce colors faithfully.

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Plan lights on ceiling, arranged so that they do not create shadows. If your bathroom is small, just place a single ceiling light. And if it is wide you can choose several built-in lights. As a general recommendation, LED lights are a good alternative: they consume little, they are durable and present an immediate ignition (this is important, given how much lighting fixture bathroom are turned on and off throughout day). An interesting idea is to have a light regulator, which will allow you to choose intensity of lights when lighting bathroom. You do not want to have same light to give you a relaxing bath to get ready in morning.

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