Cool Drop Ceiling Lighting for Summer

Mar 21st

With so much risk premium and so much pessimism in everyone’s mouth, with the news about politicians and financiers who have us between indignant and distressed, I get the impression that the summer heat has arrived, yes, but not its light and with she her joy. That’s why I’ve come up with one of the most luminous and effective ways to give your home a new look: renovate the lamps. By day and with natural light (the sun explodes to the fullest, I remind you that optimizing your drop ceiling lighting is a very smart way to save) decorate your ceilings and give a very personal touch to living rooms and bedrooms.

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And there will be no better way to illuminate these pleasant summer nights that come to us now. How many times have you been in a house where a well-chosen light changed everything? And how many times have you thought “what a cool drop ceiling lighting, it gives a great atmosphere to this house!”? Well, it’s your turn … In these two cases (plaster and plasterboard) you should choose something light, like many of the light lighting solutions offered in large stores or DIY stores and decoration. If it is concrete or brick, with different accessories you can apply a ceiling or hang what you want.

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You can also put all kinds of halogen or down light , as long as their configuration does not accumulate too much heat (as with ceiling lamps, which heat up a lot and are not advisable in plasterboard or plaster ceilings). I also tell you that, if it is a plaster, you should not use plastic plugs, since they give way with time and the lamp will fall. Use special metal hooks instead. They will advise you about it in your usual hardware store. By the way, if you ask me for aesthetic advice, do I have your help? Which drop ceiling lighting have you liked the most to decorate your spaces?

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