Design the Best Bathroom Ceiling Lighting in Your Home

Apr 12th

More than a bathroom, the bathroom today is a real living space in the house where you take care of yourself. Beyond the design and decoration, the ideas bathroom ceiling lighting has an undeniable impact on the comfort of this space. And in this particular room, these lighting plays a vital role. Firstly because this space requires a light powerful enough to see clearly without creating an icy effect, then to obtain a Zen atmosphere and relax ad hoc that allows you to relax. Applying makeup, shaving or relaxing baths does not require the same color temperature or light intensity.

To find the right lighting solutions in your bathroom to avoid too cold laboratory light or too hot if you want to create a lounge atmosphere, just follow a few basic principles. You should also know that this piece of water requires mandatory and specific safety standards that must be scrupulously respected to use your bathroom with complete peace of mind. To avoid pitfalls and design the best lighting in your pond, then zoom in on the 10 mistakes to avoid. Think only about functional bathroom ceiling lighting, it’s sure to end up with an icy atmosphere in the bathroom.

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Admittedly, functional lighting is essential, especially the mirror side, but it must be completed by a warmer ambient lighting solution for moments of relaxation. Conversely, do not just rely on a trendy lighting to sift the atmosphere, it would prove formidable on everyday practical use. The mood lighting comes only in support of functional lighting. Led headband, luminous bathtub etc. are effective for creating a well-being atmosphere and give style to your bathroom, but much less to see clearly when applying makeup or shaving! Decorative bathroom ceiling lighting does not dispense with more functional lighting. When choosing your fixtures, make sure to choose the right IP according to the volume in which they will be installed to ensure your safety.

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