Dramatic Bedroom Wall Lighting Ideas

Apr 12th

Being able to control your bedroom wall lighting ideas has a number of advantages. The installation of a dimmer, a back and forth or wireless switches brings both comfort and flexibility in controlling the lighting of a room. The presence or creation of niches, ledges, offsets at the same partition, represent as many opportunities to install indirect lighting systems. It is primarily a decorative choice, but it is also a way to illuminate a room in an original and intimate way. The only real constraint, indirect lighting does not pardon any surface defect. It allows to turn off and turn on a light source from two or three switches.

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Before imagining this type of development to illuminate the room, it will therefore be necessary to hunt for poorly sanded walls, poorly jointed plasterboard, calicoes that appear extra thick, etc. it can be installed in two ways, either by taking the place of the existing switch, or by choosing mobile models with foot control. The dimmer has a very wide opening range, which allows you to go from intense bedroom wall lighting ideas to the most intimate atmosphere in a fraction of a second. Only constraint: it is necessary to have three conductive electrical wires and, therefore, to make a modification in case of a simple two-wire network.

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These few precautions taken, the possibilities are many, especially since the trivialization of LED strips has greatly simplified the creation of indirect lighting. Cornices and ceiling moldings have long been the preferred targets of this type of bedroom wall lighting ideas, but by passing tubes to LED light, it is possible to go much further in decorating ideas. They can be placed in the lower part to give lightness to a piece of furniture, secure an access corridor, the staircase … just to mention these examples. LEDs in ribbons are at all costs. But focus on quality, synonymous with sustainability.