Exclusive Idea Cathedral Ceiling Lighting

Mar 20th

Where to place cathedral ceiling lighting systems? Ceiling lighting is, for the most part, wall installations, such as wall sconces and basins . It’s about placing fixtures above furniture, on a ledge or behind plants. The light is then diffused gently through the room. Otherwise, it is also possible to install light sources on foot or ceiling, the light is adjustable. The halogen, provided with a reflector, also makes it possible to vary the intensity of the light. Similarly, LED devices, as well as low reflection streetlights, are welcome. The important thing is to choose the distance between the luminous device and the reflecting surface and the nature of the latter.

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On the one hand, placed more or less far from the wall, the light source produces a quantity of light more or less important. On the other hand, a matte surface makes the light much better than a glossy surface , like a lacquered wall, for example. On the first, the light emitted is delicate while on the second it is much more dazzling Moreover, it is wise to play with the materials and fabrics surrounding the light source. The cathedral ceiling lighting will be diffused in a variable way. It can indeed use rice paper, frosted glass or even clear plastic to make the light more homogeneous.

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Cathedral ceiling lighting is, on one hand, an excellent way to create a refined atmosphere, with a light and even dimmed and thus highlight a room. On the other hand, nested on some furniture or nooks. This type of ceiling is also called a false ceiling or false ceiling and is most often seen in schools or offices. A suspended ceiling hiding cords easily, leaving many options for interior lighting design. This type of lighting is often considered rough and unattractive, but it is a good choice for false ceilings in sturdy buildings where space for appliances and budget is limited.