Find Basic Rules Regarding the Right Choice of Bathroom Recessed Lighting

Apr 12th

Far from being that place that we use without more, bathroom is becoming one of most important spaces of house. More and more, it becomes a stay dedicated to relaxation, where we want to feel good. And to achieve it, nothing like decorating it to our liking. That happens by illuminating bathroom in a rational and careful way. But, how should bathroom lighting be? What lights are essential and where should we place them? Here are some golden rules that will help you make your bathroom a special place. Choice of bathroom recessed lighting may seem easy. But have you chosen lamps you really need?

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Read our helpful tips that professionals have shared with us and you will find basic rules regarding the right choice of bathroom recessed lighting. Opt for luminaires installed in different areas. Of course, you cannot deny role of central ceiling lighting, but in design of modern bathroom, lamps at different levels will enhance its appearance. Each bathroom requires a mirror with integrated lighting which will satisfy taste of all ladies. One of common mistakes is to use LED strips attached to top of mirror. These makes you look tired, especially if there are no other fixtures in bathroom, this effect becomes even stronger.

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Helpful tip: always opt for two side lights for mirror, this is best solution! Lights on left and right align well and create good lighting effects. Also avoid neon lights as this type of bathroom recessed lighting will make you look unattractive. Recent studies show that this light is harmful to eyes. We recommend classic bulbs or LED light in warm colors. If your bathroom is large, you can choose lamps hanging over bath. Even small hanging lamps in groups of three, are perfect for such a bathroom, unlike large lamps. Take into consideration that chosen luminaire must be suitable for use in bathroom.

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