Give Personality to Your Home with Vaulted Ceiling Lighting

Mar 20th

Straight ceilings are usually the most common. This makes homes can be boring. The vaulted ceiling lighting give personality to a home and can be converted, with the right covering, into the visual protagonists of the home. Clad in red brick they become a spectacle for the eyes, it is able to create neck pain because it invites not to stop looking at it. The cladding has exposed the wooden beams that combine in harmony with the wooden floor and the rustic style of the kitchen. These ceilings turn any room into an attic house. In this case, the vault is much more pronounced.

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The beams are also visible but in this image they have been painted in nuclear white to unify the entire roof. This option manages to give a sense of space and luminosity very useful in houses with vaulted ceilings like this one. In these ceilings, it is best to opt for pendel long ceiling lamps, to bring light to our daily activity. When the rooms are as spacious as the one in this image, a very ornate ceiling, when vaulted, is not a good idea. This is a clear example that simplicity is the best ally in some cases. Painting and halogen vaulted ceiling lighting are the only elements of this roof.

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The white is again the color chosen to enhance the light of the windows. The rustic style and the wooden elements are the companions that best coexist with the vaulted ceilings. The exposed beams are, as we see, a constant in these constructions. If before we saw them painted, now the original color of walnut has been maintained and enhanced. In addition, the fastening is completed with steel fasteners, matching the pendels of vaulted ceiling lighting. As you have seen, the vaulted ceilings are a good option for the construction of a house, breaking the monotony of the low and straight roofs, the shapes and irregularities we love, do you?

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