Good Ideas of Trayed Ceiling Lighting

Apr 12th

The trayed ceiling lighting is particularly ideal with LED bulbs. Indeed, the light is diffuse and without glare, it creates a special atmosphere. Installed in the ceiling or under skirting, this technique provides a warm light that creates almost no shadows and is distributed throughout the room evenly. So how to create indirect lighting? Simply by following our advice on to find the simplest ideas to the most daring! Ceiling and Floor lighting can be discreet while giving you clear, convenient visibility. By placing bulbs on the floor or under stairs, your interior is illuminated in a subtle way.

Your guests will fall in love with this original decoration, yet so simple! Your interior is more airy because you can forget the heavy and traditional chandeliers. The ceiling is neutral as the floor and you can focus on an original decoration in keeping with your lighting. This subdued atmosphere from floor to ceiling will bring a sense of calm and rest to your home for sure! When you need to buy new fixtures, you can choose between direct lighting and indirect lighting. Then trayed ceiling lighting refers to fixtures that direct light up or down to reflect on the walls or ceiling to illuminate the entire room.

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This system makes it possible to forget the traditional lamps and brings a diffuse light of modern and minimalist way. The room is fully lit if you want a bright and bright light. But this is not the only way to use indirect lighting, you can also place your lighting as you see fit, small touches throughout your apartment, to find a more subdued brightness. Interior designers are ingenious when it comes to installing interior lighting. Good ideas of trayed ceiling lighting can be discreet and almost invisible lighting or more daring lighting as here with this horse as coming out of the wall.

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