Here’s How to Have a Good Bedroom Track Lighting

Apr 12th

Bedroom track lighting – It is common, especially in Paris region, to meet apartments that have no ceiling in rooms. Many buildings are old and installation of a ceiling was not systematic. If it happens to you for first time, you may be very annoyed, not knowing how to light room on your own! Rest assured, it is not only possible but it is also best solution to have a very design and pleasant lighting. This advice is true for everyone … and people always forget to follow it! If you do not have a ceiling lamp, take advantage of it: best lighting is one that comes from several lamps at a time.

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One or two “projector” type lamps: they look like photographers ‘ lamps and can be oriented in the direction of your choice. At home, I point them up for effective bedroom track lighting. A lamp placed on a piece of furniture: do not hesitate to play the card of originality. This lamp will certainly contribute to the lighting of the room but it will especially give it a cozy and warm side. A lamp placed on the floor: discreet, placed for example in the corner of a piece of furniture, it will give your room a touch of elegant and chic design.

Since you do not have a ceiling bedroom track lighting, you can take into account that your lighting needs vary according to the time of day and the season. It is important to have at least one floor lamp or a high power lamp, which will replace the ceiling light that you do not have to really light the room. As much as it can be cozy and intimate to watch TV in the dark, it is unpleasant to eat without seeing the contents of his plate! Today, low consumption light bulbs provide excellent lighting without necessarily spending a fortune on electricity.

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