Landscape Lighting Bulbs for Outdoor Lighting

Mar 23rd

Landscape lighting kits for outdoor lighting is made specifically for taking moisture and taking temperature variations. But not all outdoor lighting needs require you to use a light bulb that can take moisture directly. Even a lot of lighting equipment allows you to use halogen lamps and ordinary incandescent lamps. Here we will talk about areas of need that you might have in your outdoor lighting and how to deal with those needs. Yellow pig expels (or non-interesting bugs) lights are a safer and more environmentally friendly choice than using pesticides to clean your yard from bugs.

The yellow bubs that are made do not really repel insects but do not attract insects such as clear or white light bulbs. There are several main needs when it comes to landscape lighting kits. Many people have a post lamp or lamp that is on a pole or attached to a wall or fence. Then the other yard will have floods and outdoor spots that both accentuate your home or stand out features such as beautiful old trees or walkways. Most outdoor post lights will be closed. What is meant by closed? The equipment covered by glass is such that the rain does not make direct contact with the light bulb is a closed post light. You have more choices with a light bulb when replacing a closed post lamp.

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Here are many incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent lamps that can be used. Open areas and floods generally require a light bulb specifically designed for that purpose. You must look for a PAR light bulb for this application. PAR lamps are made in incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent versions. It is important to know that some compact fluorescent light bulbs cannot be used outdoors because they will never come in very cold conditions. Some people don’t like cold temperatures. Much spot equipment flanked can use MR type light bulbs and this is mainly used for street lighting. You can find MR halogen light bulbs and now landscape lighting kits LEDs.

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