Lighting Strategies for High Ceiling Lighting Rooms

Mar 23rd

High ceiling lighting can be a daunting task. In a room like that, using an ordinary desk lamp and installing a wall sconce won’t do it. Even ceiling lights (or two) will not be enough to provide the general lighting needed for a room with a high ceiling. For brightly lit rooms, different lighting strategies must be followed. To begin with, high ceiling space must be evaluated on the basis of where furniture and equipment will or already be.

These areas can be focused when installing power cables with additional lighting for high traffic and use areas. Likewise, if there is high ceiling lighting pulling on the ceiling it, such as plaster prints or murals, a lighting outlet can be installed either directly opposite or above this feature. Finally, keep in mind that high or vaulted ceilings are features in and of it, and therefore do not have to be hidden but displayed with the right lights. As a result, special lighting fixtures must be planned and installed along the corners of the ceiling and used to emphasize the height and expanse of high ceiling space.

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The most useful lights for providing ambient lighting to high ceiling spaces include flood lights and hanging fixtures such as chandeliers. Such lights can be installed periodically along the ceiling area, with stronger bulbs used for sitting or other high use areas. Higher amounts of these lamps can be installed in areas of interest such as fireplaces, entertainment centers and storefronts. Chandeliers are very useful in high room ceilings because they help bring lighting to the eye level. Sconces can also be used for high ceiling lighting. Such lights can be installed periodically around the room, or they can be grouped to create visual appeal.

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