More Creative and Fun Ideas Lighting for Bedroom

Apr 12th

Before any aesthetic consideration, the choice of luminaires in a room must be based on functional criteria. First of all, ambient light is needed to get dressed, tidy, chat. This requires a general lighting for bedroom . The simplest is to use a suspension placed in the center of the room and connected to a switch with dimmer. But we can also opt for spots, backlit paintings, ribbons (understand “thin bars embedded in the walls and operating LEDs “) … All is that the light is soft enough to create a haven of peace and a peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

However, if the light of a room must allow to create a space of relaxation, it must also fulfill a precise operational mission. In addition to general lighting for bedroom, controlled comfort lighting that allows reading in bed without disturbing the neighbor is necessary. The bedside lamps placed on either side of the bed on a small table perfectly fulfill this function. But other more creative and fun solutions exist. Appliques are also always relevant. One on each side of the bed is the top not to bother the person next to you when you read. But you can very well put a single wall light in the center of the width of the bed.

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Think of the LED lamp. Whether for a wall lamp or a bedside lamp, the LED lighting for bedroom significantly reduces the light output by illuminating just what you are reading. This is a point not to neglect and for that, there are several solutions. You can light your shelves with LED strips or fluorescent tubes for example. They do not take seats and have a motion sensor, they will turn on as soon as you open the doors of your closet or cabinet. And to be top trend, know that there are hangers with integrated LEDs. Your clothes will be in the spotlight!

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