Perfectly Suitable Lighting Ideas for Bedroom

Apr 11th

How to choose a good lighting ideas for bedroom? Beware of the spotlights on the ceiling! Book them inside the closet or dressing room. This is one of the only places in the bedroom where you will need functional lighting. It is preferable to use this type of lighting as indirect lighting, for example on the floor or at the bottom of a partition. In general, if you have a ceiling wire outlet, opt for fixtures with a hidden light bulb to avoid being dazzled when lying down. The bright atmosphere of a bedroom should be soft without being too cozy. Avoid absolutely aggressive lighting!

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Choose decorating suspensions with diffuse and soft lighting placed in the center of the room with a light source powerful enough to bathe the entire room of light. Connected to a switch with dimmer, you can adjust the intensity according to the times of the day and your activities in the room. They are perfectly suitable for regular use for which it is preferred to have a necessary light. The bedside lamp is the lighting fixture of the bedroom! Night lighting ideas for bedroom is the most flexible part of the equation in a room. It’s fun to choose and easy to change.

But watch out for the height of the bedside lighting ideas for bedroom! It must imperatively be adapted to the height of the bed and the bedside table. If your bedside lamp is a reading lamp, the lampshade should be at eye level, about 95 to 105 cm from the floor. Usually, the bedside lamps are placed on each side of the bed, on the bedside tables that frame it. But we can prefer wall sconces or adjustable desk lamps . We can also play with style and decoration to avoid the great classics and bring a touch of pep to this living room.

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