Placing Recessed Bathroom Lighting to Make the Room Pleasant

Apr 11th

Ideally, you should have two light sources: one generalized and one localized. The lighting must be practical but also natural and rewarding. If you do not want to go out of your bathroom too much makeup or unshaven, it is better to find natural lighting: soft without being aggressive but also powerful. The general recessed bathroom lighting aims to make the room pleasant and create an atmosphere, while localized lighting, around the mirror for example, often has a more powerful and precise use that tends to diversify. In addition, the bathroom is often a room without opening. The restoration of natural lighting becomes essential.

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However, even with one window or more, think about your use of this space in the evening or winter mornings. Before you see the different possibilities available to you, think first about the bulbs: you have the choice between fluorescent bulbs or halogen. Fluorescent lamps tend to look bad. As for halogen lamps, they are here recommended since they restore the natural light correctly. Also be aware that you should avoid placing your recessed bathroom lighting sources too high because you will accentuate your dark circles. If you put them too low, your nose will get longer by a play of shadows.

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Illuminating mirror or mirror with integrated lighting is more and more present in our bathrooms. It has advantage of placing its light source in exact place that will make light as natural as possible. Lighting is directed directly to your face, avoiding creating shadows from recessed bathroom lighting. Now illuminating mirror is adorned with new technologies with multimedia screens, integration of sound, ability to charge his laptop or to see screen of his tablet. But most useful technology that almost every illuminating mirror begins to possess is anti-fog film. So that even after a hot bath you can see yourself in mirror.

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