Relax In a Good Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas According to the Use

Mar 19th

In the bathroom, it is impossible to neglect the lighting. This room in which you spend time in the morning, take care of yourself or in which you decide to relax needs multiple lighting. If you have the possibility, it is better to vary bathroom ceiling lighting ideas according to the use. Some rules are to know before you can have fun with the location of your lighting and the shape of it. To make your bathroom a real cocoon peaceful and practical, forget about the recessed down lights. This piece deserves its decorative quarter of an hour so do not hesitate to vary the pleasures left to do original!

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Having a good lighting in the bathroom is essential. The lighting of this room is often divided into two areas; general bathroom ceiling lighting ideas as well as accent lighting. In order to get a general lighting, we suggest you have a ceiling light or a reflector in the center of your room. The reflectors are very practical in the bathroom since they allow to direct the light towards the most important places of your room such as the bath, the shower and the toilet. The center of the fixture should be installed approximately 75 to 80 inches from the floor.

You can also choose to install suspensions on each side of the sink or if you have more than one sink, a suspension above each sink. It is important to have a distance of Recessed fixtures are also a very good option for the bathroom. If you want better bathroom ceiling lighting ideas in your shower, installing a recessed specially designed for wet environments is a very good choice. If possible, try to have more than one electrical circuit in your room by installing a switch for each lighting zone. We suggest using dimmers in your bathroom to reduce the light intensity when you want to relax in a good bath or avoid dazzling on cloudy days!

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