Soft and Cozy Atmosphere Recessed Lighting in Bedroom

Apr 11th

Is your room well lit? Cocoon par excellence, the bedroom is a space of comfort and absolute relaxation that requires a soft and cozy atmosphere. Recessed lighting in bedroom is decisive for creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, conducive to sleep, but it must also be designed according to the different daily activities to generate a suitable brightness. It is often wrongly thought that two bedside lamps are sufficient to illuminate this room while the lighting of the bedroom must be multiple. On one side, the soft light is necessary to create a soothing cozy atmosphere. Comfort and calm require a soft light.

On the other a homogeneous lighting more powerful, without being aggressive, will be essential to carry out certain specific tasks, in particular if you have a corner office in the room. That’s why we recommend a good mix of three types of lighting: general lighting, comfort lighting and spot lighting. Yes the recessed lighting in bedroom must be pleasant and harmonious. But that does not mean lighting up the entire room with two small lamps. In the bedroom, we read, we dress, we chat, we do other things than just sleep or rest and the lighting has all its importance according to the actions. Remember to add general lighting or other light sources to get enough brightness.

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The idea is to have several bright spots in the room to structure the space. Suspension, floor lamp, applies, table lamp on the bedside table, distribute the light points and play on the intensity. If there is only one luminaire in the room, the eye focuses on it while with a more diffuse light, it will point to infinity with all its references, which will bring a better comfort visual. If you are used to using your tablet or smartphone in the room, it is better to have another bright spot. An applique for example, or a reading lamp which will diffuse a beautiful recessed lighting in bedroom without direct lighting, to avoid in the room.

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