Special Lighting Ideas for Rooms without Ceiling Lights

Apr 11th

Depending on type of brightness you are looking for, different lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights models exist. For a soft and subdued light, bright ceilings meet your expectations. This expression includes stretch ceiling, light boxes, glass ceiling or optical fibers. These systems provide felted lighting, whose architecture is often not very visible. With boxes is offered opportunity to play on surface of light scattered, including boxes that circumscribe lighting perimeter neon. For a romantic and original source, nothing beats fiber optics: by fingering on ceiling on a canvas or in plaster, these fibers can create beautiful light forms.

In a child’s room, a star-studded ceiling will quickly put most unruly sleepers to sleep. If you especially want a lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights system, spots are best option. Their device adapts to any type of ceiling. Spots are either recessed or on rails. Recessed spotlights for false ceilings can be compact fluorescent, with LED or halogen diodes. Spotlights on rails or cables have greater ease of installation. Nevertheless, offer is less provided in terms of power than for down lights. You vaunt merits of some lighting is useless if your ceiling does not lend itself to it. Let’s see what lighting device is right for your ceiling.

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Thus, for a stretch ceiling, the lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights are the most appropriate while the chandeliers fit perfectly to the French ceilings and caissons. Finally, for a crawling ceiling, you can opt between spots, sconces or chandeliers. It should be noted that if a lighting device depends on the type of ceiling, the latter varies according to the room of the house. It’s about placing fixtures above furniture, on a ledge or behind plants. The light is then diffused gently through the room. Otherwise, it is also possible to install light sources on foot or ceiling, the light is adjustable.

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