There Are Several Correct Ways to Get Best Lighting for Bathroom

Apr 11th

When planning best lighting for bathroom, we must bear in mind that it is a humid area and, therefore, we must take care of safety. Choose special lights for water spaces, especially if they are near the bath or shower. This type of lights has a protection index (IP) against water equal to or greater than 4. In any case, think about whether it is necessary to put lights on the ceiling over the bathtub. They could be quite annoying when you’re enjoying a bubble bath and looking up … It would be absurd to think that you can solve the lighting of the bathroom by putting a light on everything.

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You will need several practical and effective sources of best lighting for bathroom for each moment. You cannot miss some spot lights that illuminate the mirror while you fix, shave or make up. It is important that they do not produce glare, so spotlights and sconces should not be directed directly towards the mirror. There are several correct ways to illuminate this area: from the ceiling or from the walls (on both sides of the mirror). You can use spotlights or fixed fixtures. Having good lighting is important so that the bathroom is comfortable and transmits a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

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The most advisable is to combine the different types of bathroom light: general, punctual and indirect. For the general light, it will be necessary to provide several points of the best lighting for bathroom in the ceiling. Finally, think about all the solutions that exist today to decorate and illuminate the bathroom … I love the strips of LED lights placed under the shelves or on the edge of the furniture. They are easy to put on and take off, safe and give the decoration a very special touch. In addition, it is a very affordable solution for all budgets.