Ultra Modern and Chic Slanted Ceiling Lighting

Apr 11th

If you have a large room to light, it’s a very good option! In addition to illuminating your interior, you end up with a contemporary art object that comes alive after dark. If this is too imposing in your living room, also opt for small lamps creating this type of lighting that you place where you want. If you like to tinker, you can also take decorative objects that you like and transform them by adding a LED bulb! Slanted ceiling lighting can be introduced into any room in your apartment, some will prefer it in the bathroom or living room while others in the bedroom.

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You will find for all budgets and styles. From pure geometric shapes to much more original and artistic objects! Depending on the room or space, you can choose the most suitable wall sconce for more or less soft slanted ceiling lighting. Here, the interior designer has selected wooden sconces with an almost orange light. This gives a warm touch to the bedroom while bringing light to read at night before going to bed, for example. So you can illuminate specific places in your home while combining style and research. Wall sconces are also often found in the bathroom, with a whiter light that is perfect for shaving in front of the mirror.

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The slanted ceiling lighting is ultra modern and chic decoration element if we add a suitable light. For example, by installing an adapter, you can adjust the intensity of the bulbs and thus make your living room very clear or sieved depending on the time. No violent lighting that attracts insects, but soft soft lighting that gives a lot of charm. The very stylized and minimal geometrical shapes here give you a concrete example of what can be achieved. The light diffuses without being aggressive and is perfect for large spaces. And what type of lighting do you prefer for your home?